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Standard Course Format …
For our standard course format we follow an established weekly schedule throughout the course. The weekly process includes an instructor-led Web-learning session, a homework assignment and an interactive Web-discussion session. Courses range from 5 to 16 weeks in length. All courses listed on our website are available in the standard course format. To register, just click a course on the "Home" page or on the "Courses Offered" page and go through the registration and payment process. Once we have enough people registered for a particular course we will establish a start date and notify students. Then we arrange the days of the week and times for the web sessions based on input from registered students.

Self-Paced Format ...
Self-Paced Programs allow students to progress through a training program at their own pace. Students are given access to Leaning Material on the EAM Masters Student Website and then assigned a “mentor” to guide them through the course. Periodic live Web-discussion sessions are set up to interact with your mentor to answer questions, review homework assignments and to help you make progress with Oracle eAM. Self-Paced Programs are currently available for the Oracle eAM Masters program, System Administrator course and Reliability Management course. To register, just click a course on the "Home" page or on the "Courses Offered" page and go through the registration and payment process.

Team Format ...
Team Programs are courses where all students are from the same company. A Team Program can be arranged for any of the courses listed on our website and the same instructor-led, web-delivered format is used. Our standard courses can also be tailored to meet specific company needs. Team Programs are often used to support and reinforce internal initiatives such as reliability improvement or upgrading to a new version of Oracle eAM. They deliver substantial business value in terms of standardizing maintenance practices and use of Oracle eAM. Team Programs have a discounted price structure compared to individual registration and they are arranged by contacting us.

Custom Training Programs ...
EAM Masters has a team of professionals that are experts in maintenance, Oracle eAM and instructional design. We also have an efficient process for incorporating company information such as goals and objectives, maintenance processes and company policies into a custom training program for Oracle eAM. Once we develop one or more courses for you we can also provide a secure training portal for all of your recorded learning sessions. The portal can then be used for training new employees or as a reference for existing employees. If you’d like to learn more about how a custom Oracle eAM training program can make a difference in your company, please give us a call.

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