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EAM Masters developed and perfected a revolutionary new way to implement Oracle eAM. We call it our "Virtual Implementation Program".

What is a Virtual Implementation?
A “Virtual Implementation” is a project where most of the consulting, training, and implementation support services are delivered remotely via web meetings, VPN access and email correspondence. This approach represents a 50% to 60% cost reduction over a traditional “fly-in consulting” project. More importantly though, the EAM Masters Virtual Implementation Program delivers MUCH BETTER RESULTS! EAM Masters pioneered this innovative new approach for implementing Oracle eAM and we are the only company that offers this unique and cost effective implementation methodology.

How do we get better results?
Our superior results originate from our training philosophy. We believe that once the organization fully understands how to use Oracle eAM to manage and improve maintenance, they will take full ownership of the system. In our Virtual Implementation Program training starts day one and continues through setup, configuration, data migration, testing, cutover and post-cutover support. By the end of the project our customers are fully capable of using, managing and improving Oracle eAM in a sustainable way.

Where do the savings come from?
The most obvious cost saving for a Virtual Implementation is reduced travel cost. Airfares, auto rentals, lodging, meals, etc. for onsite trainers and consultants makes up 15-20% of the cost of a traditional “fly-in consulting” project. Our remote training and support approach “virtually” eliminates this cost. The rest of the cost savings (30-40%) come from resource efficiencies. Our standardized learning programs guide the entire implementation process and well-designed templates automate development of all project deliverables. It’s simply a much more efficient way to transfer the knowledge and get all of the work done.

How do I find out more?
The best way to really understand this innovative new way of implementing or improving Oracle eAM is to set up a web meeting. We’ll explain the program, the methods and technology we use and the options that are available. Then we’ll discuss your situation and the results you can expect. If you are planning to implement or improve Oracle eAM, this conversation will certainly be worth an hour of your time. Just call or email us to set up a meeting.

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